Shipping and Delivery policy

At present time, we offer FREE shipping for all our products!

The price you see in the Catalog is the price you pay on checkout!

Delivery can vary from one to six weeks. Only rarely will you get your product sooner or later than that time. It depends on multiple factors, like the country where you order it from, country of origin of the product, type of product, season in the year (winter orders could come later than summer orders), etc.

If you are a resident of USA, Canada, Europe or Australia the delivery time might be within 1-2 weeks. If you are not a resident of these countries, it might take longer time to receive your product.

Dear customers, due to many restrictions imposed by most of the countries in the world during this COVID 19 crisis we are not able to correctly estimate how long it might take for your product to arrive. Please be patient if it takes longer than expected. Thank you!

Please note that the following countries are not supported as countries for delivery: Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region of Ukraine.

We at Pagan Bazaar wholeheartedly wish that you get your product as soon as possible and thus make extra efforts to speed up the shipment and delivery process for each and every order you make.

If your product has not arrived within eight weeks upon ordering please email us on