Antique Brass Sun Brooch
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Antique Brass Sun Brooch

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Today we celebrate Sun – the benevolent King in the realm of the pagan symbolism. 

Throughout centuries and in different cultures, the Sun has been an embodiment of life, joy, wisdom, warmth and illumination. No wonder it had an honorable place in many ancient religions and cults, often manifesting as the highest God himself. 

We can feel the Sun’s smile just if we think about its golden rays, blessing us with golden light. 

Do you know how you feel gloomy on a dark and rainy day? Afterward, the Sun shines, and all the blues is suddenly swept away, right? The uplifting power of this solar king is enormous. 

Evoke the glorious radiant Sun with our antique brass Sun brooch, available for both men and women. 

Perfect for everyone who desires to feel the bliss of the Sun! 

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Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
Size: 6.3cm*6.3cm
Net Weight: 20g

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Customer Reviews

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Santiago Klein

Lovely brooch for a present, thanks a lot!

Winnifred O'Reilly

Stylish thing. Made qualitatively. It went to Peter 1,5 months. I recommend.

Ward Olson

Quick shipment, good packaging, cool product!

Marcia Marvin

I fell in love at first sight with this Sun brooch. It's spectacular!

Jed Conn

My mom loved it, thanks!