Bear Claw Amulet
Bear Claw Amulet
Bear Claw Amulet
Bear Claw Amulet
Bear Claw Amulet
Bear Claw Amulet
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Bear Claw Amulet

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Become the best version of yourself with our Bear Claw Amulet! 

Bears have been one of the most honored animals since the beginning of mankind. Chinese, Celtic, Native American, Vikings…all of these ancient cultures praised the bear as a symbol of leadership, strength, courage and loyalty. 

Native Americans worshipped the bears and the bear spirit. For them, every part of this totem animal was sacred, especially the bears’ claw. It represents good luck, power and protection. 

Do you stand proud and tall against adversities?

Can you appreciate the sweetness in life, just like the powerful bear adores honey? 

Are you uncompromisingly loyal to your family, and protective over the weaker souls? 

Do you honor your inner truth and retreat when you need a bit rest, just like the bears do in winter? 

Invoke the mighty bear as your spirit animal with our Bear Claw Amulet! 

Embrace the undefeatable spirit of this fascinating animal and live the life you were meant to live! 

A wonderful gift for yourself or your dearest ones. 

Stocks are quickly running out, so click and buy it right away! 



Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Gender: Men, Women
Pendant Size: Height:45mm Width:33mm
Thickness: 3.6mm
Weight: 17grams



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Customer Reviews

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Easter Cummings

Very well done! Keep up the good work! :)

Sherman Kuhn

Thank you all meets the requirements

Berneice Boehm

Such a beautiful necklace. Thank you!

Amina Ryan

Necklace fire! Love! 🔥

Leonora Marquardt

I order not the first time. Quality at altitude, as always. I recommend!