Black Cat Earrings
Black Cat Earrings
Black Cat Earrings
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Black Cat Earrings

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Mystery. Midnight. Magic. 

Immortalized by Edgar Allan Poe and killed in Medieval Europe as witches consort, the black cat has always been one of the most polarizing animals, evoking both fascination and irrational fear just by its appearance. 

Many cultures have foolish superstitions about black cats, attributing "bad luck" to them. Even today, the black cat crossing your path is considered a good omen only in UK, Scotland and Japan. 

Black kittens are also the least likely to be adopted. Dear pagans, please keep this in mind, and if you consider adopting a kitty, choose the black one. 

We at Pagan Bazaar know how cruel and unfair is this, as we firmly believe that the black kittens deserve to be adored, loved and cared just as their colorful furry relatives. 

Black Cats’ spiritual powers are huge, and so are their blessings for you, if you help them. 

Let’s break this “unlucky black cat" stigma with our bestseller Black Cat earrings! 

A perfect accessory for every cat lover, pagan or not. 

Bring some air of elegance and mystery into your appearance!

Decipher the occult secrets of the Black Cat.  

Limited stocks in supply, make your order now, before they sell out once and for all!


Earring Type: Drop Earrings
Material: Acrylic
Size: 35mm x 16mm approximately & 1.38"tall &0.63"width
Weight: 3.1g
Color: Multicolor 


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Allene Daniel

Lovely dangle earrings, thanks a lot, dear seller!

Arjun Huels


Rollin Marks

Very nice, I'm satisfied!

Margot Homenick

Quick shipment and good packaging, excellent!

Kamryn Stark

Really good quality and cute design, perfect!