Egg Dangle Earrings
Egg Dangle Earrings
Egg Dangle Earrings
Egg Dangle Earrings
Egg Dangle Earrings
Egg Dangle Earrings
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Egg Dangle Earrings

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New beginning. Hope. Spark of creation. Fertility. Resurrection. Virility. An infinite circle of Life. 

All of these associations spring into mind when we think about the egg and its abundant positive symbolism. 

Many ancient legends feature stories where the world has been created from an egg. In Ancient Egypt, the cosmic egg hatched a bird of light. Ancient Greeks and Romans colored eggs and gave them away as gifts, to mark the beginning of the spring. 

Goddess Ostara (Eostre) is connected with the eggs as a goddess of spring. All the traditions about the Easter egg hunt or dying eggs in rainbow colors originate from her and her Spring festivities. 

There is also hidden symbolism inside every egg, too: the yolk is the solar, male energy, while the white part is the lunar, feminine principle. Thus, every egg is a macrocosm unto itself, a perfect blend of opposites: yin and yang. 

Oomancy, or divination by eggs was also widespread in ancient times. The shaman or the druid would drop the albumen of the egg into a bowl of water. Various prophecies would be made according to the shapes it formed. 

Even today, eggs are used in many pagan and Wiccan rituals. If you want to transform the stagnant or unproductive energy into a positive energetic flow and manifest abundance, eggs can help you in your mission.  

Pay tribute to the fascinating and greater-than-life egg, with our Egg Dangle Earrings! 

Now available in white, brown or mixed color, these adorable earrings carry with them the blessings of spring and the goddess Ostara. 

If you want your life to be fulfilled with endless abundance and joy, you know what to do. 

Click and order now, limited supply in stocks! 


Earring Type: Drop Earrings
Shape\pattern: Egg
Material: Zinc Alloy
Gender: Women

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Kale Morissette

Wonderful, cute earrings :)

Catalina Towne

Excellent, thank you very much!

Talon Zulauf

Same as in the images, top!

Wilfrid Cummings

Perfect. Many Thanks!

Kaia Price