Golden Hammered Amethyst Ring
Golden Hammered Amethyst Ring
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Golden Hammered Amethyst Ring

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Nothing symbolizes nobility, royalty and power like gold and purple color combo, right? 

Feel like a Queen of The Witches with our handmade golden hammered Amethyst Ring! 

Adjustable and unique, this majestic ring will put everyone under your spell, wherever you go! 

Each of the amethyst chunks on our rings is different, so there are no two rings alike. Each and everyone of you will get a unique amethyst ring! Perfect, isn’t it? 

Amethyst has represented kingship and authority since the ancient times. No wonder it’s even connected to the Crown Chakra. 

This purple gemstone has captured everyone’s hearts and minds not only with its majestic color, but also with its metaphysical abilities: a natural stress reliever and protector, it swipes the negative energy away and brings calm, balance, inner strength. It also helps you to improve your meditative skills, brings sweet dreams and peaceful sleep and fights all kings of addictions. 

It is usually worn to protect against overindulgence, addiction and self-deception. Wearing it while travelling also protects you from harm and theft. 

It is also recommended to wear it during all kinds of divination practices, because it emits a purple protective aura around you.  

The amazing amethyst activates your Third Eye, Crown Chakra and the Etheric Chakras. 

Use the incredible powers of this healing stone with our golden hammered Amethyst Ring!

Don’t miss out this fantastic opportunity to get it now, with just one click! 





Item Type: Rings
Metals Type: Copper
Gender: Women, Men
Material: Stone (amethyst)
Rings Type: Cocktail Ring
Surface Width: 2mm

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Customer Reviews

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Danika Reilly

WOW! I'm speechless, I've been looking something like this for ages. <3

Eunice Waelchi

Thank you, it arrived in perfect condition :)

Meda Cremin

Eye-catching piece, really outstanding!

Cedrick Cartwright

Very beautiful ring!