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Hecate Necklace

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Every pagan or Wiccan woman is a child of the elusive and mysterious Moon.  

While the Sun has continually been a solar (masculine) symbol, the Moon has always guided all the pagans and Wiccans, helping them to find the silver lining even in the darkest nights. 

Let our Hecate necklace guide you through the shadows of life! 

On it, you can see one of Hecate’s’ many correspondences: Triple Moon. 

These three phases of the Moon resemble the most important cycles in a woman’s life:  

Are you the carefree and youthful Maiden (the waxing crescent)?

Or the Mother, who’s giving birth to all abundance on Earth (full Moon)? 

And finally, are you the Crone, or Hecate, who presides over the night, death, ghostly realms, and rules transformation (waxing Moon)?

The Hecate necklace is adorned with a beautiful amethyst in the middle, a precious stone that stands for nobility, purification and psychic power. It’s excellent if you want to strengthen your crown chakra. 

No harm will ever befall you with our Hecate necklace! 

May the Mother of all witches lead you and protect you, and help you emerge out of the dark abyss stronger and wiser than ever before! 

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Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Necklace Type: Choker Necklaces
Gender: Women
Style: Neo-Gothic/Wiccan
Chain Type: Link Chain
Color: Black
Necklace length: 16 Inches
Pendant height: 20 Millimeters
Pendant width: 45 Millimeters

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Customer Reviews

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Arjun Rosenbaum

Gorgeous, bought it as a gift, the recipient liked it. Thank you so much!

Tina Walters

Same as pictures, thanks!

Marlin Kassulke

Top quality, I love it so much, I wear it all the time :)

Raquel Hahn

Excellent, thanks a lot! No damages, arrived well packed.

Garrett Cormier

Awesome Thing!