Memento Mori Necklace
Memento Mori Necklace
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Memento Mori Necklace

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What kind of occult secrets does this midnight raven contemplate, while sitting on a pale white skull?

Ravens are one of the smartest birds, often connected to mystery, night, magic, prophecy and incredible insight.

Because they are scavenger birds, they are also perceived as a harbinger of death. This is completely untrue, because ravens come to "clean" the battlefield. So is the universal law: after every death we must swipe out into a new clean state, and have a new beginning. It is symbolized by the small rose on the right of the necklace – a new dawn, fresh start.

But the raven on our necklace has one more message, too: Memento Mori.

We must always be aware that death is inevitable, and that’s why we must live our life to the fullest. That’s why the raven on our necklace represents courage to face Death. Only in that way we can celebrate Life.

Let the raven’s wisdom guide you and help you to emerge out of the darkness, with our Memento Mori necklace! Dive into the misty night and gain knowledge from beyond the visible realms!

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Item Type: Necklace
Material: Acrylic
Chain Type: Link Chain
Shape\pattern: Skull and Raven 

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Customer Reviews

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Juvenal Baumbach

Everything as promised, arrived safely packed. Thank you!

Orville Cummings

COOL! I'm satisfied 👍

Herbert Hermann

Robust in size and very good quality acrylic!

Constantin Emmerich

Perfect gift for my girlfriend, she loves crows and ravens. Top!

Lucinda Boyle

Excellent gothic necklace, all my friends liked it. Thank you! ❤️💀