Starfish Ring
Starfish Ring
Starfish Ring
Starfish Ring
Starfish Ring
Starfish Ring
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Starfish Ring

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Individuality. Sensitivity. Insight. Patience. Healing. Mysterious. Resourceful. Ancient. Magical. 

The symbolism of the starfish is so splendid, isn’t it? 

But this fascinating sea-creature also symbolizes one of the most important traits we should all have. 

Did you know that the starfish can grow back it’s limbs? When it is attacked by a predator, it can just detach the limb, to distract the attacker and escape safely. A fascinating trait, indeed! 

As a symbol, or a spirit animal, the starfish belongs to those pagan souls who are brave enough to let it go, whether it’s a low-paid job, bad relationship or any other stagnated area in their life’s.  

Regeneration. Transformation. Cut off your bad habits and start new, positive ones. 

The starfish is also useful for all kinds of emotional or health challenges, because it belongs to the Water element, which heals and nurtures us. That’s where the unconditional love symbolism of the starfish comes into play. In the Roman mythology, the starfish was sacred to Venus, the goddess of love. 

Do you struggle with low-quality life? 

Do you want a new, fresh start, but lack the courage to do it? 

Trying to quit old harmful habits and live healthily? 

Then try out our Starfish Rings, now available with blue and pink crystal! 

These lovely beauties will be your guide through your transformational path. The Starfish Ring serves as a reminder that you have the power inside you to live the life you want and deserve. It’s never too late for a change! 

Yes, your lucky star is sometimes hidden under the sea. Grab it now, while you still have a chance! 

Just one click and the Starfish Ring will spectacularly shine on your fingers. 

A lovely and touching gift for yourself or your dearest ones. Hurry up and buy now! 




Metals Type: Copper
Gender: Women
Material: CRYSTAL
Shape\pattern: Star
Surface Width: 20mm

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Customer Reviews

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Tara Johnson

Such a beauty, lovely summer ring! ❤️

Raquel Nájera

Muy bonito!

Leticia Orta

My daughter really liked it

Guadalupe Raya

Very nice, thanks a lot!

José Emilio Rentería

Beautiful ring!!!