The Legend of Ostara

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Darklings, have you heard the story about Ostara?

A long, long time ago, goddess Ostara, a harbinger of dawn and spring, has fallen asleep. She was supposed to sleep during the winter and later her awakening would mark the arrival of spring. 

However, this time was different. The goddess hasn’t awoken when she was supposed to and when she finally opened her eyes, she discovered that all the Natures’ order has been severely rattled: the animals and people starved, there were no new plants and flowers and the winter still held the world firmly in its’ clutches. Everyone was desperate.  

Ostara was feeling so guilty, seeing the chaos in front of her. She knew she had to mend all of this and somehow return the nature to its former glory.

On top of all that, she noticed a tiny bird, lying in the snow. Its wings were frozen in the ice and it was slowly dying. The goddess took pity in this small creature and to save it from death, turned it into a lovely white bunny.  

She gave him a gift of being able to run with amazing speed, so that he could avoid all the hunters and predatory animals. And, as a reminiscence of his previous bird form, she bestowed upon him one more blessing: To lay beautiful eggs, in all the colors of the rainbow. This can happen only one day of the year, though, and that day we call Easter.

Those eggs are given to children on Easter, and that day in the ancient times was celebrated as a Festival of Spring or Ostara day. 

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We wish you a Blessed Ostara!  🌺💗 🌺

Author: Lilith LaLuna

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